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There are many great bicycle charities and causes in this world.
My Bike Jumble is run by one of these: jole rider, based in Tetbury, in the Cotswolds, England.

While jole rider facilitates and promotes cycling in different ways, its main activity is to boost much-needed education for young people in remote parts of Africa.

It does this primarily through its programme:

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Thousands of African children live in remote rural communities, long distances from their nearest school.  Children can have walks of up to 3 hours each way to reach their school.  Without reliable and affordable motorised transport the only way these children can get to school is to walk.  In searing heat, their journey to school on foot, every day, is an epic mission. For thousands of other children a journey to school by foot is inconceivable.

Every African child deserves, and indeed craves, an education, knowing it is vital if they are to reshape their own long-term future.  Having a bicycle to ride to get to school makes a world of difference for these children and, not least, for their families and communities.  The social impact and long-term value just one bicycle can bring is truly incalculable.

bikes4Africa collects, refurbishes, and delivers donated second-hand bikes to schools in Africa.  The programme also trains young Africans in bike maintenance, delivering both programme sustainability and employment opportunities.

bikes4Africa supports our mission to change lives through education, by enabling children in Africa to get to school by bike.

If you would like to support bikes4Africa, a jole rider programme, you can…


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